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Introducing WELLNESS CLINICS! In a fast-paced world where there is the growing tendency to ignore our health in our quest to achieve many things, it has become increasingly necessary for us to pause and take a snapshot of our health, know our "NUMBERS" and what they mean and take control of our health.

Dr Ben Carson rightly said

"Money means nothing, Title means nothing if we don't have health."

It is in this light that Doctors in Service Limited has introduced the WELLNESS CLINIC. Our vision for this model is " to promote preventive healthcare through quality, affordable screening services". The screening packages and services we provide are designed to give you – whatever your life stage – an overview of your health and to help identify the risk factors which may otherwise cause potential health issues for you in the future.

The routine health checks include regular physical exams, certain measurements (such as weight, height, BMI and blood pressure), blood tests (such as blood sugar or cholesterol), urine and stool analysis, immunizations(i.e. vaccines), and screening tests to look for signs of cancer, heart, kidney and liver disease. Also included in these packages is one-on-one medical review and personalized recommmendation on how to improve your health.

So how you know which preventive services you need? This guide highlights the different health check packages designed for the health needs of people of all ages.

The available packages are:

Specific and unique services

  • One on one extensive interaction with doctor
  • Alert systems (sms, emails, etc…)
  • Appointments and health tips
  • Detailed medical examinations

Categories of clients

  • Young and adult male
  • Young and adult female
  • Child and youth
  • corporate

Health check packages

  • Child/ youth wellness (Birth to 17yrs)
  • Male and female basic (18 to 40yrs)
  • Male and female basic (41 to 80yrs)
  • Male and female comprehensive (18 to 40yrs)
  • Male and female comprehensive (41 to 80yrs)
  • Corporate wellness plan

Differences in packages

  • Basic Vs. Comprehensive
  • Basic wellness package addresses basic health needs and wellness goals of our clients
  • Comprehensive wellness package address a more comprehensive personal wellness package designed for the health needs and wellness goals of our clients

If you're interested in any of the packages, please visit the Reception of Doctors In Service Limited and pick up a registration form to sign up. You may also contact DIS Wellness Clinic on +233-57-929-0027 or +233-24-485-0865 for more information or registration. We will be pleased to help you with your health maintenance and screening needs.

Take charge of your health and schedule your routine health screening right away!

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